About YLEM

Matter of design

YLEM is the matter that formed our world and is now shaping our future. Starting with an idea, we are accelerating the paradigm shift in the creation of concept models, prototypes, and industrial parts with the excellence and precision of HP 3D printing solutions.

YLEM 3D Technologies S.A., was founded in 2020, with the main scope of promoting and supporting hp 3D Printing Systems in companies and organizations of the private and public sector.

Our company is the outcome of the synergy between Active Computer Systems, a major IT Integrator in the region and 3DHUB Greece a pioneering company in the field of additive manufacturing in Greece. Thus, YLEM possesses great industry knowledge and a think-big attitude from the very beginning. 

YLEM is the only company in Greece that sees Additive Manufacturing in an as-a-service approach. Following this, YLEM is capable of providing every modern organization those solutions so as to reduce the time of manufacturing or prototyping, which in turn means increased productivity and reduced costs. 

We believe that YLEM’s reliability and respect for its customers will make our company the most trusted 3D Printing company in the field. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that YLEM will be the leader in this magnificent world of Additive Manufacturing.

About Ylem

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Thessalonikis 129
18346 Moschato, Athens

ΓΕΜΗ: 157814901000

Contact T: +30 210 65 77 700 E: info@ylem.gr LinkedIn Instagram
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